Draw on the wisdom and power of all Acetroners to grow into the leader of the global PVD coating field and to be in the lead of output value, core technologies and customer services.

Share the achievements at multiple levels created by active innovation with Astroners. Give full scope to the talents and find pleasure in it;

Extraordinary substances create a world of wonders. Make the IT world more wonderful and people live better with Cost-effective coating products;

Create profits, be responsible for shareholders, improve employee's welfare and realize sustainable development

Exploration with no limits: we are involved in the high-tech area which requires the spirit of exploration, perseverance, continuing innovation to achieve advances.

To be strict in processes and quality: our responsibility for the clients impels us to be meticulous, focus on details and assure quality consistency.

Passion of science and technology: light the wonderful technology world with enthusiasm.

Sharing pleasures: small substances can forge a big world. We can find unlimited pleasures in improving people's life with our wisdom.

All people get together,
and mutually help to bring hopes and expectations
which can turn into wishes for beautiful life
and positive power
We call it as ACETRON's Charm, as it creates unlimited vigor in our lives!

Fourteen years ago, we debut.
Fourteen years of experience has strengths in return;
Fourteen years of exploration makes us lead the optoelectronic industry and forge ahead!
ACETRON has created miracles in Japan, US, Germany and Korea.
It is limitless to go and the explorers are extraordinary!
ACETRON is going beyond itself with untiring vigor and building new industry benchmarks!