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Flat Panel Display   »  Liquid Crystal Display (TFT/LCD)
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There are various types of displays, roughly covering: cathode-ray tube (CRT) display, LCD display (liquid crystal display), LED display (light emitting diode) and plasma display.

The targets produced and supplied by ACETRON include:
Product Name Specification Purity Density g/cm3 Melting point℃ Processes CAS NO.
ITO targets Customized purity as per customer requirements 4N 7.15   Sintering  
Si targets 5N        
Ni targets 4N 8.9 1453 Vacuum melting 7440-02-0
Mo targets 3N5 10.22 2610 Sintering, extruding 7439-98-7
Ta targets 3N5 16.65 2996 Smelting 7440-25-7
Nb targets 3N5 8.57 2467 EB smelting 7440-3-1
Al targets 5N5 2.702 660 Extruding 7429-90-5