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ACETRON also engages in production of components and parts used for electron beam evaporation, ion source and thermal evaporation. The range of products includes crucibles, evaporator boats and electronic gun filament. The quality tests are conducted in the whole production process so as to achieve perfect quality from external dimension to micro structure. Customized services enable us to customize parts and components according to different customer requirements.

Material Purity Forms Colour(In House) Melting Point ℃ Density
g/cc, 300K
Crucibles Boats Filaments
Cu 99.97%     Brown Red 1084 8.96 Easily oxidized
Mo 99.50%~99.99%   White Grey 2630 10.22 Chemically stable
and brittle
W 99.50%~99.99% White Grey 3407 19.35 Chemically stable
and brittle
Ta 99.50%~99.99%   Black Grey 2996 16.65 Chemically stable
C 99.99%     Black 3850 2.26  
Nb 99.50%~99.99%   Stainless Grey 2468 8.57  
Al2O3 99.50%   White 2020 3.98 Brittle
BN 99.50%   White 3000 2.80 - 3.20  
SiO2 99.99%     Transparent 1710 2.32 Brittle