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Optical coating film has different refractive indexes for lights with different wave lengths and utilizes film combination with different thicknesses to produce total-reflection, penetrating (anti-reflection, AR) or partially penetrating or partially reflective (UV Cut, IR Cut ...) optical glasses.

ACETRON can provide high-purity targets required by coating film for optical glasses, crystals and optical communication industry:

Product Name
Specification Purity Density
Melting point℃ Processes CAS NO.
Si targets Customized purity as per customer requirements 5N 2.33 1420 Thermal spraying 7440-21-3
Nb targets 3N5 8.57 2467 EB smelting 7440-3-1
SiO2 targets 4N5 2.202 1713 Smelting 60676-86-0
Ta targets 3N5 16.65 2996 Smelting 7440-25-7
Ta2O5 targets 3N5 5.2 1872