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Cathodic arc coating technology can be applied to plate different colors on a number of civilian hardware for decorative purpose. Compared with electroplating and stoving varnish used for general surface treatment, it is surpassingly characterized by high hardness, high brightness, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, detachment resistance and discoloration resistance. At present, this coating technology has been widely applied to many common bathroom hardware (shower head, water faucet, etc.), building hardware (door lock, door knob, inner plate of elevator, etc.), automobile hardware (rearview mirror etc.), enclosure (cell phone, computer, etc.), and ornamental parts (hairpins, buttons etc.).

Commonly-used targets for decorative coating supplied by ACETRON include:
Product Name Specification Purity Density
Melting point℃ Processes Color
Ti targets Customized purity as per customer requirements 3N-4N5 4.54 1688 Smelting Golden yellow, light yellow, golden
Cu targets 3N5 8.95 1082.5 Smelting
Zr targets 3N 6.506 1852 Vacuum melting
Ag targets 4N 10.5 916 Smelting Silver
Al targets 4N-5N5 2.702 660 Extruding
Sn targets        
TiAl targets 2N6 3.85 1510 Vacuum melting Black, gun black,
SiO2 targets 4N5 2.202 1713 Smelting Steel color, tungsten steel color
TiO2 targets 3N5 4.24 - Thermal spraying Transparent color, seven colors
SiAl targets 3N 2.37 1350 Plasma heat spraying deposit

Commonly-used targets for tool coating supplied by ACETRON include:
Product Name Specification Hardness Hv Color The reaction atmosphere
TiN Customized purity as per customer requirements 2000 Golden yellow N2
TiCN 2480~2800 Brown, pink CH4+N2
ZrN 3000 Golden N2
ZrCN 3200~3400 Brown CH4+N2
TiAIN 2400~2900 Golden brown, brownish black N2
TiZrN 2400~3000 Golden N2
CrN 1500 metal color N2
CrCN 1500~2000 Silver CH4+N2
HfN 2750 Yellow green N2