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Low-E (low emissivity coating glass) glass can achieve the goals of heat insulation and heat preservation by adding silvering film or tin oxide film mixed with fluorine based on which far infrared rays can be reflected, and possesses high transmittance of visible lights (natural lighting), low reflection (low light pollution) and low transmittance of ultraviolet lights and near infrared rays (sun shading).

Vacuum magnetron sputtering Low-E hollow glass possess the minimum radiance rate (0.08~0.15), and is able to effective reduce loss of indoor thermal energy, thus it is the optimal "lighting and energy-saving system".

Heat reflection coating glass is also known as solar control coated glass. The high-quality float glass surface is coated with one or multiple layers of metal or compound thin films by the method of vaccum magnetron sputtering, so it is referred to as coated glass with the function of reflecting solar energy. It can effectively reflect the infrared rays of sunlight (20~25%), prevent thermal energies entering the automobile (thermal insulation ↑>30%), relief air conditioning loads and maintain good transmission of light and clear view.

Applied targets mainly include large-scale flat targets and spraying/casting&rotating targets to adapt to different film layer designs. ACETRON provides numerous targets available as follows for your choice.
Product Name Specification Purity Densityg/cm3 Melting point℃ Processes CAS NO.
TiO2 targets Customized purity as per customer requirements 3N5 4.24 - Thermal spraying 13463-67-7
NbOx targets 4N 4.55      
SiAl targets 2N8   1350 Thermal spraying  
ZnAl targets 2N8   430 Casting  
ZnSn targets 2N8 7.04 360 Casting  
NiCr targets 2N8   1430 Vacuum melting  
Ag targets 3N5 8.57 2467 EB melting 7440-3-1
AgCu targets          
Cu targets          
Ag targets 4N 10.5 916 Melting 7440-22-4
Cu targets 3N5 8.95 1082.5 Melting 7440-50-8
Ti targets 3N-4N5 4.54 1688 Melting 7440-32-6
Al targets 4N-5N5 2.702 660 Extruding 7429-90-5
Zn targets 3N5 7.13 419.73 Low-melting-point casting 7440-66-6
Si targets 5N 2.33 1420 Thermal spraying 7440-21-3
Cr targets 2N5-3N5 7.19 1857 HIP 7440-47-3