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Touch panel (TP) is human-computer interface popular in the 21st century, including resistance type and capacitance type. Its structure is primarily comprised by ITO glass (base material) and ITO PET film (surface), and barrier materials and conducting resin.

ACETRON can supply excellent targets to our clients, including the following types:

Product Name
Specification Purity Density
Melting point℃ Processes CAS NO.
ITO targets Customized purity as per customer requirements 4N 7.15   Sintering  
Si02 targets 4N5 2.202 1713 Smelting 60676-86-0
Au targets 5N 19.3 1064.18   7440-57-5
Mo targets 3N5 10.22 2610 Sintering, extruding 7439-98-7
Ta targets 3N5 16.65 2996 Smelting 7440-25-7
Al targets 5N5 2.702 660 Extruding 7429-90-5
Cr targets 3N5 7.19 1857 Hot isostatic pressing 7440-47-3