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Solar energy generally refers to radiation energy of sunlight and is used for power generally. When fossil fuels are gradually decreasing, solar energies have become an important part of energy sources applicable for human beings and continue to develop. Solar energies are utilized by the ways of photothermal conversion and photovoltaic conversion. Solar power generation is an emerging renewable energy source.

Currently, the solar cells contain silicon thin-film solar cell and compound semiconductor thin-film solar cell. The silicon thin-film solar cells are maintained as the mainstream. Silicon processing is to form P/N surface by single-crystal silicon or multicrystal silicon substrates. In addition, Ag plasma printed circuits are adopted as well. The conversion efficiency is 11~16% (maximum: 16~24%). Due to limited supply, oversize and overweight of crystal silicones, thin-film solar cells are expected to prevail in the future.

ACETRON can provide commonly used targets for coating film to our clients, including:

Product Name Specification Purity Density
Melting point℃ Processes CAS NO.
ITO targets Customized purity as per customer requirements 4N 7.15   Sintering  
AZO targets 3N5 5.52   Sintering  
CdTe targets          
CuSe targets          
InSe targets          
LnGaSe targets          
ZnO targets 4N 5.6 1975 Sintering 1314-13-2
NiV targets 3N 8.62 1462 Sintering  
CuGa targets 4N     Smelting  
In targets 4N5 7.31 156.61 Smelting 7440-74-6
Ga targets          
Sn targets