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metal and Alloy Materials
Chemical formula Specification/mm Melting point/℃ Density(g/cm3) Evaporator source Use
Formula Preduct
Density Evaporatio
Au Φ1*3 etc 1064 19.3 B metal reflecting film, decorative film
Ag Φ3*3 etc 962 10.49 B metal reflecting film
Ag-Cu Φ12*5 etc 950   B metal reflecting film
Al Φ3*3 etc 660 2.7 B metal reflecting film
Cr  1-3 etc 1907 7.23 B Functional film, metal reflecting film
Cu  1-5/Φ3*3 etc 1084 8.9 B  
Ni  1-3/Φ2*4 etc 1455 8.902 B  
Ge  1-5 etc 938 5.5 B Antireflection film, heat reflection film, bidirectional color filter, laser coating
Hf Φ2*5 etc 2227 13.31 B  
Nb Φ3*3 etc 2477 10.87 B  
Ta Φ6*6 etc 3017 10.9 B  
Sn  1-5 etc 232 7.28 B  
Ti Φ3*3/
Φ6*6 etc
1668 4.5 B